Year C Sermons

“Gratitude for Giving” 11/18/07, Thanksgiving and Pledge Sunday 2007
“Magnanimity” 11/11/07, Pledge Campaign
“For We Will Laugh and Laugh” 11/4/07, P23C

“Finally Finding Justification” 10/28/07, P22C
“Keep on Praying” 10/21/07, P21C
“Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” 10/14/07, P20C
“Mustard Seed Living” 10/07/07, P19C
“Take Hold of Life” 9/30/07, P18C
“God Wants Everyone” 9/23/07, P17C
“To Save Sinners” 9/16/07, P16C
“They Were Watching Him Closely” 9/2/07, P14C
“Jesus Healed Her, Anyway” 8/26/07, P13C
“fire already” 8/19/07, P12C
“If I Should Die Before I Wake” 8/12/07, P11C
“Conversations with God” 8/5/07, P10C
“Living for Jesus” 7/29/07, P9C
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” “Summer Worship”, 7/22/07, P8C
“It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask” 7/8/07, P6C

“These Tar Heels” Independence Sunday 7/1/07
“Until Christ Came” 6/24/07, P4C
“Faith from our Fathers” Father’s Day, June 17, 2007
“Praise The Lord” 6/10/07 P2C
“Three In One” 6/3/07, Trinity Sunday- Year C
“God in Us” 5/27/07, Pentecost Sunday and Memorial Day
“Hearts in Christian Love” Easter 4-C, Easter 5-C, 5/6/07
“And the Dead Are Raised” Easter 4-C, 4/29/07
“Come and Dine” Easter 3-C, 4/22/07
“Believing Thomas” Easter 2-C, 4/15/07
“Magdalene Announced it First” Easter Sunday, Year C, 4/8/07
“On Our Mind” Palm Sunday, Year C, 4/1/07
“Drawn to the Cross”, Lent 5-C, 3/25/07
“All Right with God” Lent 4-C, 3/18/07
“Unless We Repent” Lent 3-C, 3/11/07
“The City that Kills the Prophets” 3/4/07, Lent 2-C
“The devil seeks an opportune time…” 2/25/07, Lent 1
“Down from the Mountaintop” Transfiguration Sunday 2/18/07
“A God Who Laughs” 2/11/07, Ep6C
“Fishing for Folks” 2/4/07, Ep5-C
“But have not love...” 1/28/07, Ep-4-C
“The Power of the Spirit” 1/21/07 Ep-3-C
“Light from Light” 1/14/07, Epiphany 2-C
“Beginning Again, Again” First Sunday in 2007
“The Boy Who Stayed Behind” New Years Eve, 2006
“Filled With Expectation” Christmas Eve Sunday, 2006“He Has Redeemed His People” 12/10/06, A-2-C
“What Are We To Make Of Jesus Christ? ” 12/3/06, Advent-C
“Thanks Giving Living” 11/21/04, Thanksgiving Sunday
“Opportunity” 11/14/04, Stewardship Sunday
“Too Wonderful for Words!” 11/7/04, P23C, Pledge Sunday, All Saints Day, Holy Communion
“Magnanimity” 10/31/04, P22C
“Grace That Amazes” 10/24/04, P21C
“Mustard Seed Living” 10/3/04, P18C
“Everybody Gets a New House” 9/26/04, P17C
“As Children of Light?” Baby Recognition Sun 9/19/04, P16C
“Those Troubling Good People?” 9/12/04, P15C
“Giving It Up” 9/5/04, P14C - Holy Communion
“Fellowship Dinner in the Fellowship Hall” 8/29/04, P13C
“Free for Life” 8/22/04, P-12-C
“Purpose Driven Joy” 8/15/04, P-11-C
“No Fear ” 8/8/04, P10C
“Rich Toward God” 8/1/04 , P9C
“Not Afraid to Ask” 7/25/04, P8C (Prayer)
“Just One Thing” 7/18/04, P7C
“We've All Been Hungry for More” 7/11/04 , P6C
“Live Free or Die!” Sunday, the Fourth of July, 2004
“Setting Our Faces” 6/27/04 , P4C
“A Wild and Crazy Guy” 6/20/04, P3C, Father’s Day
“There's Something About Mary” 6/13/04 , P2C
“Three in One” 6/6/04, Trinity Sunday, C
“Of New Beginnings…” 5/30/04 , Pentecost Sunday, Year C
“Between Two Worlds” 5/23/04 , Ascension Sunday, Year C
“If there is an ordinary miracle…” Mothers Day, 5/9/04 , E5C
“Out of the Great Ordeal” 5/2/04 , E4C
“Gone Fishing, Again” 4/25/04 , E3C
“Believing Thomas” 4/18/04, Easter 2C
“He Lives Within My Heart” Easter, Year C, 4/11/04
“All For Us” Palm Sunday, Year C, 4/4/04
“The Value of Knowing Him” 3/28/04 , L5C
“When We Repent” 3/14/04 , L3C
“The Passion of Life” 3/7/04 , L2C
“Jesus' Mountain Top Experience” Transfiguration Sunday, Year C, 2/22/04
“For You Will Laugh” 2/15/04, Ep6C
“Fishing For Folks” 2/8/04, Ep5C, Scout Sunday
“Rejection in His Own Hometown” 2/1/04, Ep4C
“Our Ongoing Opportunity” 1/25/04, Ep3C
“Fill it to the Brim” 1/18/04, Ep2C
“Like a Dove” 1/11/04, The Baptism of Jesus
“New Life for the New Year” 1/4/04, C2C
“Numbering Our Days” 12/28/03, C1C
“God Sidles Up Real Close” Christmas Sunday, 12/21/03, A4C
“Great Expectations” 12/14/03, A3C
“THE SAVIOR” 12/7/03, Advent 2C
“Look up for...” 11/30/03, Advent 1C
"Christ's Kingdom of Light" 11/25/01, Christ the King
"Thanksgiving Tempers Terror" 11/18/01, Thanksgiving Sunday
"United We Stand!" 11/11/01, Pledge Sunday #1
"Blessed Are We Who Weep" All Saints Sunday, 11/4/01
"What's So Amazing About Grace?" 10/28/01, P21C
"Keep on Praying and Never Lose Heart"
10/21/01, P20C
"Avoiding the Roaring Lion" 10/14/01, P19C
"Rekindling Our Faith"
10/7/01, P18C
"When They Call, I Will Answer"
9/30/01, P17C
"Going to War"
September 23, 2001
"Arising Out of Ashes Again" September 16, 2001
"Wellspring of Joyful Living" 9/9/01, P14C
"Humility and How Not to Attain It" 9/2/01, P13C
"The Notion of Being Freed"
8/26/01, P12C
“For the Joy” 8/19/01, P11C
"The Behinder We Get"
8/12/01, P10C
"He's No Fool!"
8/5/01, P9C
"Here's looking at you, kid!"
7/29/01, P8C
"Choosing the Better"
7/22/01, P7C
"Finding Our Niche" 7/15/01, P6C
"Good News For Prodigals" 7/8/01, P5C
"Let Freedom Ring!" Independence Sunday 7/1/01, P4C
"The Righteous Father" 6/17/01, P2C
"It Takes A Community" 6/10/01, Trinity Sunday, C
"Jesus' Spirit Leads Us On" 6/3/01, P1C
"If You Love Me You Will..."
5/20/01, E6C
"A Mother's Love"
Mother's Day 5/13/01, E5C
"My Cup Overflows"
5/6/01, E4C
"Follow Me"
4/29/01, E3C
"He Lives!"
4/22/01, E2C
"Jesus' Victory Circle" Easter 4/15/01
"That One Choice"
Palm Sunday 4/8/01
"Fools In Love"
4/1/01, L5C
"The Sin of Being Good"
3/25/01, L4C
"God's Cash Crop" 3/18/01 L3C
"Resident Aliens "3/11/01, L2C
"Down From the Mountain Top"
2/25/01 Transfiguration Sunday
"Things That Last" 2/18/01, Ep7C
"Love's Laughter"
2/11/01, Ep6C
"Fishing for Folks" 2/4/01 Ep5C
"Victory in Defeat" 1/28/01 Ep4C
"Join in the Joy"1/21/01 Ep3C
"Fill it to the Brim", 1/14/01, Ep2C
"Flames of Fire Flash Forth", 1/7/01, Jesus' Baptism

“New Life for the New Year”, 12/31/2000, New Years Eve
“Good News of Great Joy to All People”, 12/24/2000, Advent 4, Year C
“No Room in the Inn-- Again!”, 12/10/2000, Advent 2, Year C
“The Comings of Christ”, 12/3/2000, Advent 1, Year C

“I Will Give Thanks to You, O Lord ”11/15/98, P24C
“I Sold My Soul to the Company Store... ”11/8/98, P23C
“Just Look At Yourself!” 10/25/98, P21C
“Never, Never Give Up!” 10/18/98, P20C
“What God Can Not Do” 10/11/98, P19C
“Mustard Seed Living” 10/4/98, P18C
“Some Folks Just Don’t Get It ”9/27/98, P17C
“Too Weak to Dig and Too Proud to Beg ”9/20/98, P16C
“How Precious We Are To Him! ”9/13/98, P15C
“Perhaps This Is The Reason...” 9/6/98, P14C
“Fear not, little flock...” 8/9/98, P10C
“Bigger Barns” 8/2/98, P9C
“Crying Out To God” 7/26/98, P8C
“The Good Samaritan” 7/12/98, P6C
“America's Second Chance" 7/5/98, P5C
"Looking Back” 6/28/98, P4C
“A Wild and Crazy Guy” 6/21/98, P3C
“To Love Him More” 6/14/98, P2C
“Three For One” 6/7/98, Trinity Sunday, Year C
“Tongues of Fire” 5/31/98, Pentecost
“Shouting Methodists” 5/24/98, E7C
“Help Me Make It Through The Night ”5/17/98, E6C
“Everybody Ought To Know” 5/10/98, E5C
“No More Tears” 5/03/98, E4C
“Going To Town” 4/26/98, E3C
“The Tomb Is Still Empty” 4/12/98, Easter, Year C
“Into Thy Hands” 4/5/98, Palm Sunday, Year C
“The Fragrance of Perfume” 3/29/98, L5C
“You Can Come Home Again” 3/22/98, L4C
“Unless We Repent” 3/15/98, L3C
“Our Lord of Light” 3/8/98, L2C
“Led by the Spirit… Led by the devil. ”3/1/98, Lent 1, Year C
“Hoping Against Hope” 2/22/98
“For You Will Laugh” 2/15/98
“Afraid To Go Fishing” 2/8/98
“A Noisy Gong and Clanging Cymbal ”2/1/98
“The Way Of The Lord Is Perfect ”1/25/98
“God’s Steadfast Love” 1/18/98
“...and Fire” 1/11/98
“New Things” 1/4/98
“When They Saw the Star...” 12/28/97, First Sunday After Christmas, Year C