2007 Sermons

“Gratitude for Giving” 11/18/07, Thanksgiving and Pledge Sunday 2007
“Magnanimity” 11/11/07, Pledge Campaign
“For We Will Laugh and Laugh” 11/4/07, P23C

“Finally Finding Justification” 10/28/07, P22C
“Keep on Praying” 10/21/07, P21C
“Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” 10/14/07, P20C
“Mustard Seed Living” 10/07/07, P19C
“Take Hold of Life” 9/30/07, P18C
“God Wants Everyone” 9/23/07, P17C
“To Save Sinners” 9/16/07, P16C
“They Were Watching Him Closely” 9/2/07, P14C
“Jesus Healed Her, Anyway” 8/26/07, P13C
“fire already” 8/19/07, P12C
“If I Should Die Before I Wake” 8/12/07, P11C
“Conversations with God” 8/5/07, P10C
“Living for Jesus” 7/29/07, P9C
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” “Summer Worship”, 7/22/07, P8C
“It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask” 7/8/07, P6C
“These Tar Heels” Independence Sunday 7/1/07
“Until Christ Came” 6/24/07, P4C
“Faith from our Fathers” Father’s Day, June 17, 2007
“Praise The Lord” 6/10/07 P2C
“Three In One” 6/3/07, Trinity Sunday- Year C
“God in Us” 5/27/07, Pentecost Sunday and Memorial Day
“Hearts in Christian Love” Easter 4-C, Easter 5-C, 5/6/07
“And the Dead Are Raised” Easter 4-C, 4/29/07
“Come and Dine” Easter 3-C, 4/22/07
“Believing Thomas” Easter 2-C, 4/15/07
“Magdalene Announced it First” Easter Sunday, Year C, 4/8/07
“On Our Mind” Palm Sunday, Year C, 4/1/07
“Drawn to the Cross”, Lent 5-C, 3/25/07
“All Right with God” Lent 4-C, 3/18/07
“Unless We Repent” Lent 3-C, 3/11/07
“The City that Kills the Prophets” 3/4/07, Lent 2-C
“The devil seeks an opportune time…” 2/25/07, Lent 1
“Down from the Mountaintop” Transfiguration Sunday 2/18/07
“A God Who Laughs” 2/11/07, Ep6C
“Fishing for Folks” 2/4/07, Ep5-C
“But have not love...” 1/28/07, Ep-4-C
“The Power of the Spirit” 1/21/07 Ep-3-C
“Light from Light” 1/14/07, Epiphany 2-C
“Beginning Again, Again” First Sunday in 2007