Year A Sermons

“Possible Impossibilities” 12/18/05, A4B
“Fulfillment” 12/11/05, A3B
“The Baby Changed Everything” 12/4/05, A-2-B
“The Long Journey Home” 11/27/05, Advent 1-B
“God Loves a Cheerful Giver-Liver” 11/20/05, Thanksgiving and Pledge Sunday II
“Time to Tithe” 11/13/05, Pledge Sunday
“everyone is special” 10/30/05, P24A
“Preaching What We Practice” 10/30/05, P24A
“God and Folks” 10/23, 2005, P23A
“Worrywarts” 10/9/05, P 21 A
“Focusing on the Main Thing” World Communion Sunday, 10/2/05, P-20-A
“Changing Our Mind” 9/25/05, P19A
“Falling Forward” 9/18/05, P-18-A
“First the Fury and Finally Forgiveness” Katrina hits Gulf and Remembering 9/11 - 9/11/05, P-17-A
“Looking on the Bright Side” 8/28/05, P-15-A
“What’s He to you?” 8/21/05, P 14 A, Campmeeting Worship during August
“Lord, Have Mercy” 8/14/05, P13A
“Faith, Fear and Falling” 8/7/05, P-12-A
“A Way out of No Way” 7/31/05, P11A
“The Pearl” 7/24/05, P10A
“... an enemy came...” 7/17/05, P9A
“Crowds Came” 7/10/05, P8A
“Come Unto Me” 3rd of July, 2005, Patriotic Sunday, P7 A
“Welcoming the Stranger” 6/26/05, P6A
“Jesus Has a Father Too” Father’s Day, 6/19/05, P5A
“When he saw the crowds…” 6/12/05, P4A
“...and sinners came” 6/5/05 Communion P3A
“Home Building” 5/29/05, Memorial Day, P2A
“Teaching Them” 5/22/05, Trinity Sunday, Year A
“She Opened Our Minds” 5/8/04, Ascension and Mother's Day, Year A
“He Abides” 5/1/05, Easter 6-A
“Promises of Abundance” 4/17/04, Easter 4-A
“Wrong Way Walkers” Easter 3A, 4/10/05
“Jesus Stood With Them” Easter 2A, 4/3/05
“Seeing is Believing” EASTER SUNDAY, Year A, 3/27/05
“The Predicament of God” Palm/Passion Sunday, 3/20/05
“Longing for More” 3/13/05, L5A
“This One Thing I Know” 3/6/05, L4A
“The Samaritan Saint” 2/27/05, L3A
“But Have Everlasting Life” 2/20/05, L2A
“They saw no one but Jesus only” 2/6/05 Mission Week/Transfiguration Sunday
“Jesus' Purpose Driven Life” 1/30/05, Ep4A
“Jesus Began to Preach” 1/23/05, Ep3A
“Trashing Sin” 1/16/04, Human Relations Sunday, Ep2A
“Beginning Again, Again and Again…” Baptism of Our Lord, 1/9/05, Year A
“They Fell Down and Worshiped Him” Epiphany Sunday, A, 1/2/05
“Knowing When to Run” The Sunday after Christmas, 12/26/04, Year A
“For He Will Save His People” 12/19/04, A4A
“What Child is This?” 12/12/04, A3A
“A Christmas of Hope” 12/5/04, A2A
“You Know What Time it Is” 11/28/04, Advent Sunday, 1A
“LIFE'S GREATEST INVESTMENT” 11/24/02, Tithing/Thanksgiving
“TIME TO TITHE”11/17/02, Tithing Sermon
“Now and Then”
11/3/02, All Saints Sunday
“Looking Up ”
10/270/02, P23A
“The Plot”
10/20/02, P22A
“Not to Worry”
P21A, 10/13/02
“His Handiwork”
10/6/02, P20A
“He Changed His Mind”
9/29/02, P19A
“There's Joy in Finishing Last” 9/22/02, P18A
“Forgiving Again, Again and Again”
9/15/02, P17A
“The Fellowship Of Kindred Souls”
9/8/02, P16A
“Why Did He Have to Suffer”
9/1/02, P15A
“Simon Steps Up To The Plate”
8/25/02, P14A
“The Woman of Persistent Faith” 8/18/02, P13A
“Jesus Reaches for Us”
8/11/02, P12A
“It Took a Miracle”
8/4/02, P11A
“Jesus Smashes the Mold” 7/28/02, P10A
“Our Holy Land”
7/21/02, P9A
“Great Crowds Gathered Around Jesus”
7/14/02, P8A
“The Least, the Last and the Lost” 6/30/02, P6A
“Not Peace, but a Sword”
6/23/02, P5A
“Then Jesus…” 6/16/02 Father's Day, P4A
“Just When We Need Him Most” 6/9/02, P3A
“Not Everyone” 6/2/02, P2A
“Three in One”, 5/26/02, Trinity Sunday, A
“Rivers of Living Water” Pentecost Sunday, 5/19/02
“We Learned it From our Mothers” 5/12/02, Mother's Day
“…and you still do not know me?” 4/28/02, E5A
“He Leadeth Me”, 4/21/02, E4A
“Holy Heart Burn”, 4/14/02, E3A
“Jesus came and stood with them…”, 4/7/02, E2A
“I Have Seen the Lord!”, 3/31/02, Easter, A
"The Great Betrayal" 3/24/02, Palm Sunday
“Tears at the Tomb”, 3/17/02, L5A
“This One Thing I Know!”, 3/10/02, L4A
"You have no bucket and the well is deep…" 3/3/02, L3A
"The Wind Blows As It Chooses" 2/24/02, L2A
"Passing the Big Test" 2/17/02, Temptation, Year A
"From Fear to Understanding" 2/10/02, Transfiguration, Year A
"God's Weakness" 2/3/02, Ep4A
"Losers Win" 1/27/02, Ep3A
"Friends don't let friends miss Jesus" 1/20/02, Ep2A
"This is my Son" 1/13/02, Baptism of the Lord
"The Intent" 1/6/02, EpA
"New Life for the New Year"
12/30/01, C1A
"God Draws Up Close" 12/23/01, A4A
"This Season of Miracles" 12/16/01, A3A
"Our Long-Expected Jesus" 12/9/01, A2A
"First Light of Morning" 12/2/01, Advent 1, Year A
“Be Thankful Unto Him” 11/21/99 Thanksgiving Sunday
“MAGNANIMITY” 11/14/99 Stewardship
“...And He That Seeketh Findeth...” 11/7/99 P22A
“To them that Overcome...” 10/31/99 All Saints Sunday, P21A
“Rejoice in the Lord Always” 10/10/99 P20A
“The Proof of the Pudding” 10/3/99 P19A
“From Selfishness to Selflessness” 9/26/99 P18A
“Losers Win, Sometimes” 9/19/99 P17A
“Forgiving Again, Again” 9/12/99 P16A
“It’s About Time” 9/5/99 P15A
“Love one another with mutual affection...” 8/29/99 P14A
“And Just Who Are You?” 8/22/99 P13A
“A New Heart” 8/15/99, P12A
“Jesus Reached Out His Hand to Me” 8/8/99, P11A
“Jesus Feeds the 20-K” 8/1/99, P10A
“The Pearl” 7/25/99, P9A
“Papa! Papa!” 7/18/99, P8A
“Crop Success and Failure” 7/11/99, P7A
“The Welcome Mat is Out” 6/27/99, P5A
“Whoever Loves Father More Than Me...” 6/20/99, P4A
“Ain’t That Good News!” 6/13/99, P3A
“Fishing Outside the Bucket” 6/06/99, P2A
“And Remember...” 5/30/99, Trinity Sunday/Memorial Day, Year A
“Penny-Cost” 5/23/99, Pentecost Sunday, Year A
“Power, What Power?” 5/16/99, Ascension Sunday, Year A
“Another Advocate” 5/9/99, E6A
“... and Still You Do Not Know Me?” 5/2/99, E5A
“His Sheep Know His Voice” 4/25/99, E4A
“Holy Heart Burn” 4/18/99, E3A
“When it was evening on that day...” 4/11/99, E2A
“I HAVE SEEN THE LORD” 4/4/99, Easter, Year A
“Let God Deliver Him Now!” 3/28/99, L6A
“A Time to Cry” 3/21/99, L5A
“This One Thing I Know” 3/14/99, L4A
“You have no bucket, and the well is deep...” 3/7/99, L3A
“The Wind Blows As It Chooses” 2/28/99, L2A
"The Devil Made Me Do It” 2/21/99, L1A
“Like a Horse and Carriage” 2/14/99, Valentines Day
“This Little Light of Mine” 2/7/99, E5A
“Turning a Loss Into a Win” 1/31/99, E4A
“One Body Or Nobody” 1/24/99, E3A
“And Andrew Brought Simon to Jesus” 1/17/99, E2A
“Beginning Again, Again” 1/10/99, E1A
“The Mystery Made Known” 1/3/99, Epiphany Sunday, Year A
“Sometimes It's Best to Flee” 12/29/98, Sunday After Christmas
“God Has Landed on Our Shores” 12/20/98, Christmas Sunday
“Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” 12/6/98, Advent 2, Year A
“The Lost Day” 11/22/98, Thanksgiving Sunday